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NC State Basketball 2012-2013

Well, after one hell of a year, and cinderella-esque ending to the season, Mark Gottfried has been able to quickly add much more athletic talent to run the offense that he wants to instill at NCState. With the key additions of Tyler Lewis, TJ Warren, and the extremely athletic Rodney Purvis, the Wolfpack are setting the foundation to have an extremely solid team for the upcoming season. With the surprise return of Calvin CJ Leslie, BeardGang Richard Howell, the front court starters will be very stable, BUT lack serious depth and lose athleticism when backups Thomas DeThaey and 7footer Jordan Vanderberg step on to the court. They may improve some defensively but on the other the other hand, they will not have much luck on the offensive end of the court.... 
In the back court you return 2nd team AllACC PG in Lorezo (Zo) Brown. He runs the offense extremely well, and made serious progression as an elite PG as the season went on in under the Gottfather and his coaching staff. Scott Wood will start the season as the legitmate and main 3pt threat once again for the 'Pack. A sure shot from the Free Throw line and always seemed to hit the clutch shot when called upon. He made some great buckets this past season and will be relied heavily upon with Zo to be the outside threats to open up the inside of the court for the big men down low.... And that leaves one spot open to start the season, in replacing the senior who left in CJ Williams.....
Who will take that spot? Will it be TJ Warren or Rodney Purvis? Or maybe they go even bigger and  try to get hopeful recruit Amile Jefferson in there, to play opposite Leslie....
I personally think they need another ball handler out on the court. At times this team looked great with two small PG out there, and having a 3rd outside threat with Alex Johnson, and I would imagine that they would play Purvis and Lewis and split time between them and allow them to slowly assimilate to the offense. Purvis is a serious threat from outside or off the dribble to create his own shot and go hard into the lane to make a layup and get himself to the line. This is something that NCState really lacked this past season. It is clear that Woods is a catch and shoot kind of guy, and has very little success beating his man one on one. So I see putting them into the lineup as the best way to go. As well as bring Warren in as a replacement to Leslie/Woods to get them rest, and this would give the team a whole new look to go on to the court with.

Realistic expectations for this upcoming season would be a top 3 finish in the ACC and a return to the sweet sixteen. If Coach Gottfried could do it with the squad he had last year, he can and should be able to do a repeat performance for this upcoming season. Lorenzo Brown will have another season to mesh and gel with a team, in which I already alluded to, has only lost one starter in CJ Williams. The team loses his leadership and length on the court, but I think that can be replaced, and was probably the "best" loss that NC State could've had. Losing Alex Johnson will really hurt, as Tyler Lewis will have to step up as a freshman and help to run the offense for the pack, which will be a huge responsibility that he will have to learn quickly. 
As for the top 3 spot in the ACC, I do hear alot of chatter about NC State WINNING the ACC, and I'm not ready to crown them the champs yet, they still have alot of work to do to beat a UNC team, granted UNC is losing.... well.... pretty much their entire starting team, they still are returning some great players and will field a solid team as always with Coach Roy Williams

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NFL Playoffs Rd. 3

For all of my stories as well as some sports follow me on twitter @TokenWhite_Guy
Well I did pretty excellent last weekend picking only 2 games correctlty.... 50% is better than 25% though, right?

But as for this week, all I keep hearing is the Harbaugh matchup everyone is predicting... although that sounds really great, does anyone really wanna see top tier elite defenses go at it, brother fighting to the last minute, dirty, hard nosed football!?..... YESSSS!! But I think any matchup at this point would be extremely intriuging. 
*Patriots take out two Harbaughs to win the Super Bowl
*Patriots rematch against the Giants to reclaim justice over ruined undefeated season in superbowl rematch
*Harbaugh Brothers matchup
*Giants vs. Ravens, would just be a clash of good teams that want to prove they live up to the yearly hype

i can't wait for this weekends games to get underway. =]]]]]


Ravens / Patriots..... Going to be a great Matchup. Tom Brady has a decent record against them, and after crushing Denver last weekend, anything less than brilliance vbrought to the field by the Ravens will not be enough. I think the Patriots will just make the Ravens defense look foolish and win big here. Honestly I just cant find myself to choose against that PAtriots at this point. The Ravens offense has looked sketchy at best over the past few weekends, granted the Patriots have one of the worst defenses in the history of the league, did you see the gameplan they had implemented against Tim Tebow and the rest of the Denver Broncos?! It was just an onslaught of physicality and overpowering.

Patriots win here 34-17<span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre;">

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NFL Playoffs Rd. 2

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>>Well Like week was extremely interesting, the ONE time Denver decides to open a drive with a passing play they score a TD on the first drive of overtime to win over the Steelers. But I'm sure that we have all heard that story a few thousand times already.... Steelers had injuries, some unfortunate events, Broncos got opn them early and sustained the lead. A classic football game that everyone enjoyed Im sure.
>>Drew Brees showed once again why his squad is one of the best offenses in the lead. after a subpar first half, exploding on the Lions defense in the second half to secure their place in the second round, and oh yah, the Saints defense was able to create some turnovers to keep the lead and get the ball back to their potent offense. 
>>Texans pushed through a matchup against the Bengals, leaving no one impressed, but many congratulations on the first playoff win in team history! T.J Yates postseason wins 1 - Dalton/Newton/Bradford/Ryan 0
>> Giants D-line proved to be too strong for Atlanta holding them to minimal yardage in the game.... Falcons scored a whopping 2 points, Matty Ice is still cold in postseason performances.... 

There is your quick summary, I'm sure everyones heard the stats and the games overplayed time and time again, so I won't linger on those any longer, on to this weekends matchups!!!!!

49ers v. Saints -
Honestly the most compelling matchup to me in tthis playoff round. A matchup of offense v. defense better than the matchup many people have halted as THE GAME (Green Bay Packers and New York Giants). 49ers display the ultimate mix of physicality and speed on defense. Not only do they have excellent run blocking schemes that the players know inside and out, but they have supreme talent in the front 7 that would scare any offensive line. With all of those compliments being said, I still feel like there is too much offensive firepower on the Saints roster for the 49ers to account for. I still see the Saints having another big offensive showing and the 49ers offense will be mediocre at best. The saints defense is seen as been "less than good" in many peoples minds, well they don't have to be great. just good enough to get the ball back to the offense here and there. I think the defense steps up big in this game, and look for Roman Harper to have an Interception and a healthy dose of tackles in this game
Saints 34-15

Packers v. Giants
With the way that everyone has been talking about this game, you would think that Geeen Bay was the underdog. Everone is saying that the Giants are getting hot at the right time being healthy and the defensive line is starting to dominate. Do you forget who they are playing? The team that after 14 weeks into the season, many people wanted to crown as one of the most dominant teams of all time. They flirted with perfection, and even with their 2nd string quarterback, put up a better offensive performance against a BETTER defense in the Detroit Lions? Hell they even put up more points then the Giants had put up in a single game all season. This game will be a good matchup to watch, but even with the weeks off Green Bay is to smooth and too potent for the Giants to keep up with. Rodgers throws for 3 and runs for 1 in this matchup....
Packers 34-20
Patriots v. Broncos
What can be said about this game, that HASN't already been covered by the media (cough, ESPN). This is New Englands "easiest road ever", "Can Tebow stay white hot" ,"36 yds per catch against the steelers defense" I'm not gonna bore you with the run-around on all of these, so heres my prediction. Belichik is tired of hearing all of the Tebow lovers uniting and wanting to steal his pretty boy, Tom Bradys, spotlight. Patriots jump on them early and even Chad Ochocinco gets on the box score. They jump on em early and hold the Broncos down
 Patriots 28-17
Ravens v. Texans
Although I wish all the best for the Texans, I'm not sure how much of a shot they have in this game. With that being said, in the last half of the year everyone kept saying they would fall apart, however they still held on to win their division and grab the 3 seed in the AFC, although there was definatly a huge drop off in production. I think Ray Lewis Fires his boys up, as well as the TEXANS Defense will show up big in this game, low scoring tight affair, but Ray Rice will prove to be the difference maker in this matchup, wearing down the Texans D to open things for big handed Torrey Smith.
Ravens 21-20 

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NFL WEEK 4 Picks

NFL Week 4 Predictions
Lots of interesting match-ups this weekend, but no divisional games for the second time this season.
Not sure what to expect out of the two night games MNF and SNF, offensively speaking. They are bound to make great games though.

 Tennessee v. Cleveland
 Minnesota v. Kansas City
 San Francisco v.  Philadelphia
Detroit v. Dallas
 New Orleans v. Jacksonville
Pittsburgh v. Houston
Carolina v. Chicago
 Buffalo v. Cincinnati
Washington v. St. Louis
 Atlanta  v. Seattle
New York(NYG) v.  Arizona
Denver v.  Green Bay
Miami v. San Diego
 New England v. Oakland
New York(NYJ) v. Baltimore
Indianapolis v. Tampa Bay
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NFL Week3 2011

Well It's been two full seasons since I last posted anythingof any substance one here, but no one really wants my life story so lets just get to the sports.
Last week I went 14-2 (missed Bal/Tenn and Phi/NYG)

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So lets hope heres to another strong week with some great matchups.
(My Local Game)
Panthers v. Jaguars
Interesting matchup here locally, the Medias coverage of the "Stud" in Cam Newton, vs. the QB troubles that has been the headline of the Jaguars season. The Panthers running game hasn't gotten going this year, however Jonathan Stewart has been a huge asset to Newton on checkdown routes, with 100 yds receving last game. I give the offenseive attack edge to the Panthers, however the Jags should have plenty of oppurtunities with possibly the two best defenders of the PAnthers being out for the season, Thomas Davis and Jon Beason. Should be an excellent game, but I'm giving the Game to the Panthers Cam Newton will straighten out his erros and make better choices.
**Panthers 31-24

Patriots v. Bills
One of theses teams will come out atop the AFC East (3-0) on the season Bills have been a surprise team this year (another story been played on repeat by the media) But we can all admit that although impressive blowout and come from behind victories over KC and Oakland, repectively, those teams are less then Playoff contenders thus far. Yes KC won the AFCWest last year, and Oakland ran the table in the west, you cant tell me that either has the same offensive firepower as the Patriots. This will still be a solid rivalry game in conf, but I think Tom Brady has too many weapons and too many ways to spread the Ball around the field.... No comeback

49er's v. Bengals
Thus far the Bengals O-Line has shown weakness, getting past the Browns, and then losing to and injury rittled Broncos Offense. They don;t have alot of firepower on either sde of the ball except for their 2 rookies Dalton and AJ Green who will be a solid combo in years to come. Not much to say here, I'm really down on the Bengals and High on the 49'ers. Vernon Davis, Ted Gin, Alex Smith, Frank Gore ..... Ill take them over Dalton, Green, and Benson ....

((More info to come as the week progresses))
**Denotes prediciton
Broncos v. Titans
So far the titans offense has been a little dissappointing and one can only assume its Chris Johnsons Ego that is weighing them down... Not only the run game, but Keenny Britt is expected to miss this week with his lingering Hamstring injury, thats a huge blow to that already sluggish offense. I don't expect the run game to improve by much this weekend as the Broncos have a solid front 7 on defense and play a fast and physical style on D....Johnson stays under 80yds...
In Bronco news Tim Tebow still wont be quarterback, John Fox won't let that happen, but he will lead them to a victory this weekend....

Lions v. Vikings
So far the Vikings haven't shown much dominance on either side of the ball. Mcnabb hasnt produced much with that new offense. Adrian Peterson will continue to be Adrian Peterson, however I dont think its enough to produce big numbers for their TOTAL offense. Lions have Charles Johnson for the Deep threat behind the strong, and finally healthy arm or Matthew Stafford. Jahvid Best makes the most of what he can between his big tackles up front, but i think the Vikings D line over powers um inside. Look for him to get alot of runs to the outside for big chunks of yardage, and I think the Lions jump on the Vikings early, look for him to get a hefty amount of carries.

Texansv.** Saints
With so much going on inb the AFCSouth this year, Mannings Neck, JAX QB struggles, Titans are .... well the titans and the only real competition to the Texansin that division this year. If they DON'T win that division this year, they'll never win it, however, I feel like theyll fall this game. Saints seemed to have two strong offensive games, even though the Week 1 game against the Packers they got off to a very slow start. The Texans D gives up a large number of downfield passes(last Season), and Receiving Touchdowns, thats obviously been the bigggest part of the Saints offense. Brees has 6 TDs through twp games, and Playmaker Devery Henderson is averaging nearly 23 yds a reception, thats big downfield talent. I think The Saints have4 too much talent to spread the ball to to keep the Texans defense guessing....

Giantsv. **Eagles
Well this is a very interesting in division matchup this weekend. Vick might not play with his "concussion" he suffered last week. So I'm making this based of Kafka playing. We know how injury riddled the Giants have been on defense this season, but they havent been  too bad, 284yds a game in the air on defense, and only 66yds a game rushing. Thats better than I thought they would stand, however with that being said they havent faced an offense as versatile as Philly, so i give the edge to Philly in this one.
Also NYG converting less then 25% on their 3rd down attempts, thats abysmal to a stingy Eagles defense....

**Dolphins v.
Although the Dolphins offense has been strong through the first two games, and a solid effort put forth against the Patriots (scoring 24 points but moved the ball effectivley), their defense has really struggled to stop the opponents. They're averaging 485 yds a game on defense, against the Patriots and a 'flat-lined' Texans offense last week who still managed to put up solid numbers. However the Browns have failed to impress me against two far less than mediocre teams, the Bengals and the Colts. I think Chad Henne moves the ball just as well this game as he did against the Patriots nad snags their first victory. Look for the Dolphins Run game to have a big day against the weak Browns D-Line.

**Jets v.

Chiefs v. **Chargers

**Ravens v.

**Cardinals v.

**Packers v.
Jay Cutler has bee nsacked a league high this year, and I'd expect the PAckers Defense who loves to blitx so much to go after that,With Big risk comes big reward. The Packers secondary took a couple of bumps and bruises against the Panthers last week, so if Cutler can get a couple of deep down field throws to his WRs they could be extremely effective. This should be a closer game then alot of people think. Aaron Rodgers has the potential to put up big numbers, but when that Bears defense is on, they can really dominate the line of scrimmage. I think Aaron Rodgers ability to distribute the ball here is the key, It'll force the Bears to play alot of DBS coverings the numerous downfield and slants that they run, the Bears linebackers have teh skill, but not the speed to keep up...

**Falcons v.

**Steelers v.

Redskins v. **Cowboys
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NFL Picks.... Week [5]

Wow, so if that wasn't the most pathetic week EVER!... Losing nearly everyone of my flop games.... and finishing a miraculous 8 and 6....
Bringing the season total to.....43-19

....Ugh.. thats terrible...

but on to week 4 filled with ... .well rather lopsided contests I believe. The only really compelling game to me this week is the Carolina Panthers v. the Washington Redskins... battle of the Pathetics...

San Francisco v. Atlanta will be a fun game to watch with Matt Ryan v. that 49ers defense, and will Houston actually do match what my predicitons say, I think I'm 0-for-season on their games....

Lets go back to the no talk, no breakdown, flat-out post....
Baltimore Ravens v. Cincinnatti Bengals
Buffalo Bills v. Cleveland Browns
Carolina Panthers v. Washington Redskins
Detroit Lions v. Pittsburgh Steelers
Kansas City Chiefs v. Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants v. Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Eagles v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
St. Louis Rams v. Minnesota Vikings
San Francisco 49ers v. Atlanta Falcons
Arizona Cardinals v. Houston Texans
New England Patriots v. Denver Broncos
Jacksonville Jaguars v. Seattle Seahawks
Tennessee Titans v. Indianapolis Colts
New York Jets v. Miami Dophins... 41 Pts.
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NFL Picks....Week{4}

Not to bad of a week in week 4 for picks, I went 13-3, losing a last minute game Pitt/Cincinnatti, the Jax/Hou game could have gone either way late in the game... and... the Lions got their first win.... congratulations.... GO FOR THE WIN STREAK, doin' better than my Panthers right now... =/

On to this week's matchups
Hopefully I can continue what I had going on last week pick such hard games like Philadelphia v. Kansas City, New York Giants v Tampa Bay.... and Baltimore v. Cleveland. =] Only superior minds saw those victories coming.=P!

1]Chicago Bears v. Detroit Lions .... Sorry Lions fans.... the victory bus stops here...
2]Cincinnatti Bengals v. Cleveland Browns ..... Mangini is a good hire, for a ball boy.....
3]Houston Texans v. Oakland Raiders ..... Houston, for ONCE let me get your game right, I'm 0-3 with your games this year!
4]Indianapolis Colts v. Seattle Seahawks .... Donald Brown = great for the future in Indy, too much offensive firepower.
5]Jacksonville Jaguars v. Tennessee Titans ... AMBER ALERT for the TITANS team that had the best record in football, your pride, dignity, fan support, and confidence is waiting for you at your next game, pick it up or you'll be 0-4...
6]Kansas City Chiefs v. New York Giants ..... Eli Manning is spreading the ball around to well right now. Replica of Peyton Manning - Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. Eli Manning to Steve Smith, and Mario Manningham could become a lethal combo with that running game.
7]New England Patriots v. Baltimore Ravens ...... Patriots will face a very similar offense to what the Falcons ran against them and the Falcons  had some success, this Ravens team is just a bit better....
8]Tampa Bay Buccaneers v. Washington Redskins ... could there be a more boring game?... Will Portis and Williams be the only offense for either team!?
9]Miami Dolphins v. Buffalo Bills ... should have plenty of fireworks provided by T.O.
10]New Orleans Saints v. New York Jets .... Brees....
11]San Francisco 49ers v. St. Louis...... 0- 16 Rams?
12]Denver Broncos v. Dallas Cowboys .... ROMO!, you have the weapons, USE THEM!...
13]Pittsburgh Steelers v. San Diego Chargers ... they have a QB named Philip Rivers, that automatically give you the win, right? =]
14]Minnesota Vikings v. Green Bay Packers ..... should be a great game, I just think Adrian Petersons running ability and smart use of Percy Harvin is to much for the Packer defense....

WOW... what a set of games for Sunday and Monday Night Football. Very good job of scheduling

I'd be glad to hear from the usual posters.....
Could flip on the
Buccaneers/ Redskins
Cowboys/ Broncos
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NFL Picks..... Week{3}

Ok, wow, like I said, all credibility needs to be recovered this weekend after a pathetic predicition session last week...
9-7 Last Week, combined with the 13-3 form Week 1 brings my overall record to
22-10, Not to bad, but 10 losses this early isn't lookin to good.

This week comes loaded with interesting matchups, the Oakland/Denver is virtually a split for me, I might just literally do a coin toss to decide the winner. Atlanta Falcons, and New England Patriots is another good matchup. Michael Turner is 10th in the league in rushing and the Patriots haven't been great at stoping the run thus far. And will Detroit FINALLY get a win!?!?

Maybe it's because I tried to "look to into things" last week, telling why I felt each game is what it is.... This week I'm just going with my picks, highlighted in bold

Ravens v. Cleveland Browns
Detroit Lions v. Washington Redskins
Houston Texans v. Jacksonville Jaguars
Minnesota Vikings v. San Francisco 49ers
Atlanta Falcons v. New England(?)
New York Jets v. Tennessee Titans
Kansas City Chiefs v. Philadelphia Eagles(?)
Green Bay Packers v. St.Louis Rams
New York Giants v. Tampa Bay Bucs
Buffalo Bills v. New Orleans Saints
Chicago Bears v. Seattle Seahawks
Cincinnatti Bengals v. Pittsburgh Steelers
Oakland Raiders v. Denver Broncos(?)
San Diego Chargers v. Miami Dolphins
Arizona Cardinals v. Indianapolis Colts
Dallas Cowboys v. Carolina Panthers{{Panthers have a shot though.=]}}

?'s are the games that I could easily flop either way...
NE/ATLI'm taking the Patriots because Wes Welker will be back, and after hearin' all week that "they aren't what they were" they game plan like crazy, like always. No back to back losses since what 2001!? Thats crazy!.
KC/PHI Pending DeSean Jackson and Westbrook start.  I'm sure phillys defense will be able to control the line of scrimmage, but that offense might be abysmal without there 2 big weapons on the field.
Oak/Den: Oak has played surprisingly well, but with Robert Gallery out, I'm not sure what kind of protection JeMarcus Russel will get on the outside from Elvis Dumervil....

thats why I went how I went....=]

Enjoy the great football weekend...

NCState University v. Pittsburgh =]
3:30 ESPNU, will be a great game
27-17 please.
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