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NFL Playoffs Rd. 2

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>>Well Like week was extremely interesting, the ONE time Denver decides to open a drive with a passing play they score a TD on the first drive of overtime to win over the Steelers. But I'm sure that we have all heard that story a few thousand times already.... Steelers had injuries, some unfortunate events, Broncos got opn them early and sustained the lead. A classic football game that everyone enjoyed Im sure.
>>Drew Brees showed once again why his squad is one of the best offenses in the lead. after a subpar first half, exploding on the Lions defense in the second half to secure their place in the second round, and oh yah, the Saints defense was able to create some turnovers to keep the lead and get the ball back to their potent offense. 
>>Texans pushed through a matchup against the Bengals, leaving no one impressed, but many congratulations on the first playoff win in team history! T.J Yates postseason wins 1 - Dalton/Newton/Bradford/Ryan 0
>> Giants D-line proved to be too strong for Atlanta holding them to minimal yardage in the game.... Falcons scored a whopping 2 points, Matty Ice is still cold in postseason performances.... 

There is your quick summary, I'm sure everyones heard the stats and the games overplayed time and time again, so I won't linger on those any longer, on to this weekends matchups!!!!!

49ers v. Saints -
Honestly the most compelling matchup to me in tthis playoff round. A matchup of offense v. defense better than the matchup many people have halted as THE GAME (Green Bay Packers and New York Giants). 49ers display the ultimate mix of physicality and speed on defense. Not only do they have excellent run blocking schemes that the players know inside and out, but they have supreme talent in the front 7 that would scare any offensive line. With all of those compliments being said, I still feel like there is too much offensive firepower on the Saints roster for the 49ers to account for. I still see the Saints having another big offensive showing and the 49ers offense will be mediocre at best. The saints defense is seen as been "less than good" in many peoples minds, well they don't have to be great. just good enough to get the ball back to the offense here and there. I think the defense steps up big in this game, and look for Roman Harper to have an Interception and a healthy dose of tackles in this game
Saints 34-15

Packers v. Giants
With the way that everyone has been talking about this game, you would think that Geeen Bay was the underdog. Everone is saying that the Giants are getting hot at the right time being healthy and the defensive line is starting to dominate. Do you forget who they are playing? The team that after 14 weeks into the season, many people wanted to crown as one of the most dominant teams of all time. They flirted with perfection, and even with their 2nd string quarterback, put up a better offensive performance against a BETTER defense in the Detroit Lions? Hell they even put up more points then the Giants had put up in a single game all season. This game will be a good matchup to watch, but even with the weeks off Green Bay is to smooth and too potent for the Giants to keep up with. Rodgers throws for 3 and runs for 1 in this matchup....
Packers 34-20
Patriots v. Broncos
What can be said about this game, that HASN't already been covered by the media (cough, ESPN). This is New Englands "easiest road ever", "Can Tebow stay white hot" ,"36 yds per catch against the steelers defense" I'm not gonna bore you with the run-around on all of these, so heres my prediction. Belichik is tired of hearing all of the Tebow lovers uniting and wanting to steal his pretty boy, Tom Bradys, spotlight. Patriots jump on them early and even Chad Ochocinco gets on the box score. They jump on em early and hold the Broncos down
 Patriots 28-17
Ravens v. Texans
Although I wish all the best for the Texans, I'm not sure how much of a shot they have in this game. With that being said, in the last half of the year everyone kept saying they would fall apart, however they still held on to win their division and grab the 3 seed in the AFC, although there was definatly a huge drop off in production. I think Ray Lewis Fires his boys up, as well as the TEXANS Defense will show up big in this game, low scoring tight affair, but Ray Rice will prove to be the difference maker in this matchup, wearing down the Texans D to open things for big handed Torrey Smith.
Ravens 21-20 

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